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BPI Real Estate consolidates its presence in Oudergem by two new projects

Published on  13/03/2020

This February, BPI Real Estate submitted a building permit application for two new projects in Oudergem: Serenity Valley and Pure. Serenity Valley, formerly Serenitas, will be a blended new building project comprising apartments and an office complex. Pure involves the construction of a housing complex with high-quality apartments and space for liberal professions. These two projects will allow BPI Real Estate to consolidate its presence in the municipality of Oudergem and offers solutions to the demand for quieter and greener housing in Brussels.

Serenity Valley: living and working in a green environment just a stone's throw away from Brussels city centre

BPI Real Estate and architects Archi2000 will be redeveloping the existing Serenitas business complex at Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse in Oudergem into a blended project. The overall floor area comprises 21,000 m², two-thirds of which is made up of residential units while the other third is a sustainable office complex.

Wide range of new-build homes

BPI Real Estate anticipates that the residential part of the project will occupy an area of 14,000 m². This involves a total 144 units over two buildings, ranging from studios and one to three-bedroom apartments to penthouses. By offering a wide range of housing units, the development aims to attract a diverse clientèle of single people, first-time buyers, expats but also established families. The buildings will consist of three to five floors.

Serenity Valley apartments

Easy accessibility and a green environment

The proximity to Demey metro station affords the residents easy access to Brussels city centre by public transport. Moreover, a public green zone creates a calm, serene environment. This feeling of serenity can be extended into the contemporary, high-quality architecture, large terraces and the spacious plaza. In addition, the residents can use a common area to organise small-scale events.

Integration of smart building systems

And finally, several innovative systems will be integrated into the residential complex. This includes the installation of connected letterboxes for the delivery of packages and a basic home automation system for every apartment.

Sustainable and energy-positive office complex

Besides space for new-build apartments, an office complex comprising 7,000 m² will be constructed from timber and concrete. In constructing this office complex, BPI Real Estate aims to provide an innovative, sustainable and energy-positive building project and the company is endeavouring to obtain an ‘outstanding’ BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate. A buyer has already been found for the office complex.

Serenity Valley offices

Wood Shapers as a partner for sustainable development and construction

Wood Shapers will be responsible for designing and constructing the project. This joint venture between CFE Contracting and BPI Real Estate set up in 2019 offers integrated and sustainable design and construction solutions on the basis of timber and prefabricated materials.


Thanks to the use of geothermal energy and the installation of almost 500 solar panels, the building will be energy-positive. With some of the solar panels being installed on the roofs of the apartments, residents will benefit from this renewable energy during off-peak hours and at the weekend.

Circular economy

The recovery, repackaging and reuse of various construction materials originating from existing and demolished buildings upholds the principles of the circular economy.

Another example is the parking facility. The two levels of the existing parking facility will be retained beneath the future residential blocks and can be used in part by the office workers. This means that no new parking facility will be constructed and the impact and duration of the building work will be limited for the local residents.

Smart working

Besides the sustainable elements, BPI Real Estate is capitalising on the working methods of today and tomorrow in its development of the office building. To address the demand for greater flexibility, such facilities will be provided as a multi-purpose area and co-working spaces. In addition to these common areas, the central and open atrium enables the movement and interaction of the employees on-site.

Pure: high-quality living at Park Seny

The Pure new building project comprises the redevelopment of an existing office complex involving the demolition of two office buildings to be replaced by two new residential blocks. BPI Real Estate is again working on the design together with Archi2000. The overall floor area of Pure amounts to 4,800 m² and will accommodate 26 two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses all finished to a very high standard and with large terraces overlooking Park Seny. The project will also include smart-building systems.


Oudergem: attractive municipality for residents and investors

Thanks to its excellent location, Oudergem has grown into an attractive municipality for both investors and residents in recent years.

Projected timing

BPI Real Estate submitted a building permit application for both projects at the end of February. The intention is to commence commercialisation at the end of 2020 and for the building work to commence in 2021.

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