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BPI Team

With a presence in three countries - Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium, where BPI Real Estate has its headquarters - the teams work with passion on the mission that inspires them all: shaping sustainable projects that embody the forward-thinking needed for the real estate developments of tomorrow.

The human dimension is at the heart of BPI Real Estate’s projects and is also to be found in the team spirit, working environment, opportunities for progression and loyalty of our staff.

Steering committee

Jacques Lefèvre

Managing Director Representing AV sa
+32 2 661 16 87

Fabien de Jonge

Financial and Administrative Director of CFE group
+32 2 661 13 12

Catherine Vincent

Head of Legal
+32 2 661 16 91

Philippe Sallé

Head of Development (Brussels/Wallonia)
+32 2 661 16 51

Frederik Lesire

Head of Development (Brussels/Flanders/Poland)
+32 2 661 18 20

Arnaud Regout

Head of BPI Luxembourg
+352 26 18 74 33

Béranger Dumont

Head of BPI Poland
+48 22 456 16 07


Staff testimonials

Yves Lambert

Project Manager

“I’ve been working as a Project Manager at BPI Real Estate for 6 years. Before that I was a project manager at CFE Brabant, a general building contractor. What I love about the job of Project Manager is the behind-the-scenes role when you work with the designers and developers on the first stages of a successful project. Talking to the contractor before, during and after the plans are finalised is the key to a well-prepared site. This dialogue makes it easier to manage the budget, schedule and quality on a day-to-day basis from the initial design stage to handover of the works. This is the recipe for success…”

Karin Genie

Property management officer

After a few years spent in the legal department of the holding company for the CFE Group, I was given the opportunity to become a property management officer with BPI Real Estate, the real estate arm of the CFE group. 

This job mainly entails setting up buyers’ property transactions: I assist buyers right from signing the agreement to delivery of the property, with the focus on the client at all times. It’s a stimulating job and a constant challenge having to bring together the financial, commercial and legal aspects. My role is very varied and I am involved at each stage in the development of the project. It’s vital to maintain excellent contacts with the buyers and other roles involved, such as notaries, contractors and architects. And, last but not least, I can work on my own keeping an eye on the whole sales process. All these aspects make my job varied and exciting - the days just fly by!”

Carl Möhrle

Financing Manager and Controller

“Having worked for the CFE Group for nine years, I had the chance to join BPI Real Estate just over three years ago in a broad financial role encompassing financing, management control and project structuring. The dynamism of a smaller company backed by a financially sound group is a perfect combination for a fulfilling job. I’m keen to discover the promising future ahead for BPI Real Estate!”

Béranger Dumont

Head of BPI Poland

“I’ve been working for BPI Real Estate since 2010. I started working in the finance department before going on to become a developer. In this job, my days are full of creative contacts and discussions with all sorts of people. Property development has become more than just a job to me, it’s a real passion. BPI Real Estate is always willing to listen to its staff and provide openings for career progression, helping us to advance by investing in our training.”

Frederik Lesire

Head of development (Brussels/Flanders/Poland)

“When I graduated as a civil engineer 15 years ago from KU Leuven, I had two goals: to have an international career and to get into real estate development. I started at CFE as a project engineer working on a site and then spent eighteen months in Hungary. When I returned to Belgium, I moved from CFE to property development at BPI Real Estate and took a masters in real estate. I then applied internally to work abroad. I was quickly transferred to the BPI Poland team in Warsaw, firstly as Head of Development, and then managing the Polish subsidiary. In the space of three years, we brought BPI Real Estate's operations up to international level, doubled the staff and increased the number of projects from 339 units to 800 units. But my proudest moment over this period still has to be the arrival of our 3rd child.”

Christel Verwilghen

Marketing Manager

“After years of BPI Real Estate having no marketing department, I had the opportunity to set one up. Having spent around ten years in Communication and Marketing, I eagerly took up this challenge a year ago now.  There’s a huge amount to develop, review and structure, at both corporate and project level: I have to think globally for Corporate Marketing, bringing BPI Poland and BPI Luxembourg in as well, while at the same time providing very localised marketing, helping developers with their communications and marketing for each project. After presenting a three-year Marketing Plan that was approved a few months after I arrived, I can now get on working independently on implementing this strategy. Our CEO trusts his team of experts and gives us the resources to do our job.  As proof of this, BPI Real Estate has a new identity, this new website and a Marketing Team that will shortly be expanding!”