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Missions & values

BPI is one of the leading real estate developers both in Belgium and abroad: high-quality architecture, sustainability, bespoke services, client assistance, environmental friendliness and social responsibility are the values that BPI Belgium applies on a daily basis in its new real estate developments.


“Shape Urban Harmony through inspiring Real Estate Developments”

BPI’s ambition is to imagine and design innovative projects that put people at the heart of the multicultural cities of tomorrow. 

It pursues this goal by designing sustainable projects that fulfil new technological requirements, are eco-responsible and encourage the mixing of generations and roles.

Passion motivates our teams in their work creating a high-quality urban environment.

“Urban Shapers”


1. Teamwork

The BPI team is made up of over 90 experienced architects, engineers, urban planners and commercial, financial and legal consultants. 

With their shared enthusiasm and creativity backed by long experience, they are able to meet the aspirations and wishes of buyers. 

Through constant contact with a network of experienced partners, BPI’s teams have been developing high-quality projects for over 30 years.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” (Henry Ford)


2. Client focus

Apart from its undisputed technical skills, BPI’s focus on the client and respect for its commitments, together with its constant attention to the needs of future occupants are all part of its attributes.

“It’s not a question of knowing whether the customer is right or wrong but of doing your best to solve their problem” (Shep Hyken)


3. Professionalism and responsibility

Our real estate projects are visionary, creative and realistic, bringing well-being and quality of life to the fore.

First of all, we find a location, one suitable for meeting these quality requirements.

Then the project takes shape based on reflection, expectations and aesthetic vision, firstly with our teams and then with the architects, consulting engineers, planners and landscapers.

This multi-disciplinary team will decide on the project’s programming and design, layout of spaces and integration into the environment. 

Adjustments will then be made according to planning regulations, local authority requirements and local opinion. 

Construction will then start and a close eye will be kept on the works to make sure they are on time and are of the required quality. 

We consider buyer satisfaction and respect to be our greatest assets. 

As well as this knowledge and expertise, we can call on other disciplines within the CFE Group, in effect the largest construction company in Belgium. 

Our new real estate offer naturally involves the mixed-use concept, combining residential, office, commercial and services. 

Our experience in all areas of real estate development means we can offer a high level of reliability in all types of projects and so build pleasant and harmonious places to live.

“The art of success consists in surrounding yourself with the best” (John F. Kennedy) 


4. Openness and transparency

Behind our strength and our passion lie a spirit of openness and a willingness to listen. BPI encourages discussion and dialogue with its buyers. This transparency gives buyers the opportunity to follow the progress of a building that, for them, will often be the project of a lifetime. 

The standing of our partners also encourages a healthy sense of competition and is a guarantee of high quality.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” (Albert Einstein)


5. Commitment and passion

We naturally apply commitment and passion in support of our developments. Their quality serves as a reference and is a source of inspiration.

Commitment to results.

Passion as the motivation for success. This passion is present at every stage of our developments. Its presence can be felt in our projects. 

BPI is the go-to reference for real estate development.

“Nothing great happens without passion.” (Victor Hugo)