New residential - Office - Commercial - Service

EUROPEA is: A new mixed quarter integrated into the existing urban landscape; Housing, facilities and offices in a splendid park setting; The Mall of Europe, a shopping and leisure centre unique in Europe


New Residential − Europea

Aimed at combining urban planning objectives with a peaceful and spacious environment, the principle behind Europea takes its inspiration from nature. The bold choice is to create a development of more than 3 hectares offering a shopping centre, offices, services and landscaped walks between the various residential complexes making up the site.


  1. Commercial: 72.000 m² (excluding parking)
    • 1 supermarket
    • 1 department store
    • 200 shops (leading international brands as well as local Belgian retailers)
    • 1 Designer Gallery for designers and local concept stores
    • 1 car park with 3.700 spaces
  2. Leisure and restaurants: 70.000 m²
    • Kinepolis cinema
    • Spirouland indoor theme park
    • Mini-Europe extended and renovated, Cité des enfants
    • 30 restaurants
    • 1 Art promenade
  3. Residential: 70.000 m²
    • 11 apartment blocks
    • 590 private and public apartments
    • 1 retirement complex and serviced apartments
  4. Offices: 3.325 m²
  5. Services: 1750 m²
    • 2 nurseries
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Architectural consortium (overall design and architectural cohesion): Jean-Paul Viguier (Fr) and Art & Build (Be)
Architects for the residential part: Art & Build, Jean-Paul Viguier, Architectes Associés, Archi 2000, R2D2, Axent and Urban Platform



Gustafson & Porter (UK)

Planned delivery
Planned delivery

Planned delivery

Subject to permissions and marketing
Non-residential facilities (shopping centre, car parks, cinemas, leisure, outdoor spaces, offices): End 2021
Offices: End 2022
Residential: in stages between 2023 and 2037


Heysel Plateau, Laeken, Brussels

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